"I LOVE MY BODY" by LindaPaige

We searched far and wide, high and low, East to West, to bring you the best quality T-shirts from the best supplier on the planet. So we are very excited to bring you the LindaPaige campaign T-shirt:


Why the bold statement? Because we are out of time. We have been successfully distracted by self-loathing, self- criticism, self-condemnation, rejecting our images in the mirror – when all the while people are dying of hunger, teenagers are considering plastic surgery, 5 year olds are on anti-depressants, and our kids are watching as we complain about our butts and our bellies.

So I encourage you to have grace for yourself and push the RESET button, and take the decision today to join this global movement and say I LOVE MY BODY! Marriages are being impacted! Stay-at-home Moms are dressing up. Grandparents are remembering that we need and value them. Women are coming off their depression medication. And little girls everywhere are spreading the words “I love my body”!

Your body is a holy temple that houses your soul. Your body has seen you through thick and thin. It has healed from surgeries, traumas and accidents. It has run races for you. It has fought off infections and disease, and it has dressed up and looked good for you. It has birthed your beautiful babies. Your body needs you to love it, actively and out ‘loud.

Welcome to LindaPaige, where we believe that the power of life and death lies in the tongue and that we are called to get up, dress up and be a bold light on a hill. This courageous call to action might make you feel uncomfortable at first. It might leave you feeling awkward, even in tears as you speak those words over yourself for the first time. But friend, if that is you, this is the place for you. Here, we believe that fashion is a relationship builder and that together we are stronger. And 90% of the profits of every sale go to our partner in good, King’s Ransom – the only charity we know of where 100% of our money reaches the poor, the widow and the orphan.

So welcome, thank you for your brave heart in joining us. I walk this path with you, daily.


A MASSIVE thank you to Sigi and the team at SIMAX Sports who have been a huge advocates of all that we do here at www.lindapaige.com! During our search, we have been extended patience, grace and support that is both rare and sincere. So if you have a business that would benefit from both professional service and genuine heart behind the brand, I cannot recommend highly enough that you place your business with SIMAX!

Linda Potgieter

Partner & Director: JPA Ltd www.bizneg.com The Heart of Business Negotiation
Founder & CEO: LindaPaige www.lindapaige.com Empowering men and women through fashion