About us

Everything we do, we believe in growth and the reach of max potential in every day. We learn what is important for our customers and team members, push them to achieve path that they decided on. Through most common item that is always your reach, apparel.

Simax Sports is a national sporting apparel industry that works hand in hand with executives, directors, business owners and coaches of soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, track n field, swimming, wrestling, regattas, cheer, féis, etc. Simax is rapidly expanding its services throughout the U.S., to provide the best quality custom printed apparel on site at the tournaments and by orders. We serviced events with 50 or 3,000 teams. Simax highly values all relationships with events and tournaments and takes on every job with passion and dignity.

Partner/cofounder in the middle, with the team.
Our mission is to take care of all facets of providing clients with top to bottom beginning to end customized merchandise. Relieve you of all the obligation responsibility and head ache involved in organizing producing facilitation employing sales personnel etc. for event apparel and products. Ultimately create a mutually beneficial relationship and experience both financially and personally with partners and customers. Contact Simax today to discuss your next tournament or browse our quality apparel from some of your favorite tournaments.

CEO & President