It's an old truth, repeated by most of the great teachers down the centuries, but it was Ghandi who put it into the oh-so-quotable words: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world. "And almost all of us do wish to see some kind of change in this world. For you, it may be something as complex as the end of an industry where children can be bought and sold for sex, or a society in which women are valued for being women; or it may be something as simple as more courtesy in Facebook comments or just everyone chewing with their mouths closed, please. Oh, yes, we have no problem thinking of changes we wish to see in the world. It's theother part we struggle with. Somehow, it seems that everyone wants to fix the world, but no one wants to face the time and pain and daily effort of fixing themselves. Everyone wants to cause the change, but who wants to change?

The Breakthrough Generation is a group of young people who are choosing to be the change. We wish to see a world in which more people live by design than by default, and so we cast visions for ourselves and hold each other accountable week by week to live our lives on purpose. We wish to see a world where there are no children slaves to the sexual desires of twisted men, and so, both by giving of our own and by working to raise money and awareness, we partner with organizations like King's Ransom Foundation who are actively working to rescue those children and give them new lives. These shirts are part of that, because every cent of profit will go straight to saving children who are victims of the sex slave trade. This is a part of what BE THE CHANGE means for us. What change do you long to see in the world?



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